The Seven Sisters Bed and Breakfast in Plainview, Minnesota offers specials and discounts on overnight accommodations in Plainview, Minnesota

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The winding garden path is the entrance to the garden at the Seven Sisters.Inside the Secret Garden—
Guests at the Seven Sisters Bed & Breakfast get more than overnight accommodations when they stay.  

Enclosed by a white picket fence, the Secret Garden is a safe haven for people as well as wildlife.  Birds of all kinds come to bath in the waterfall and drink from the ponds. Squirrels raise their families in the boughs of the walnut, larch, ginko, oak, ash, fir and maple trees. Hummingbirds and butterflies dart from flower to flower.  The garden invites guests to slow down, relax, reflect and enjoy!

 Click on any of the photos below to view a larger image of the succession of blooms found in the garden.
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Allium in the Seven Sisters Garden in Plainview
The arbor entrance to the Seven Sisters Garden
Through the arbor gate.
Sedum and hostas in the Seven Sisters garden in southern Minnesota
Sedum bring color to the fall garden.

Foxglove like the woodland setting
Foxgloves brighten corners of the woodland, shade garden.
Long-blooming bleeding hearts at the Seven Sisters Bed and Breakfast
Bleeding heart and wild ginger like the shade in the North garden.
Blue columbine at the Seven Sisters Bed and Breakfast
Blue Columbine is another shade garden treat.
Coleum form a burgundy mound in the front garden.
Coleus grow along the garden path
The bridge over the stream at the Seven Sisters B&B.
The larch tree shades the pools and lower patio. Hostas grow in abundance..
Delphenium in the Seven Sisters Garden
The delicate lavendar and fushia tones of the delphiniums compliment the schrub roses!
Fall perennials at the Seven Sisters Garden
A riot of Black-eyed Susans and purple coneflower contrast with the ornamental grasses.
Forsythia are the first signs of spring at the Seven Sisters
Forsythia heralds spring. Nothing is more welcome in early spring as its yellow branches.
Hostas love the shade at the Seven Sisters
Hostas of all varieties thrive in the garden. Hyacinth hostas line the walks and perfume the air with their sweet scen tin mid-August.
Lilies brighten the Seven Sisters Bed and Breakfast garden.
A stand of Oriental lilies by the pergola---a highly fragrant addition to the July garden.
Ample seating in the garden at the Seven Sisters.
Relax in the wicker arn chairs under the pergola...
Ponds at the Seven Sisters
The ponds are a work in progress.
Roses bloom through the summer at the Seven Sisters
Carefree Beauty roses bloom throughout the summer, while the Seven Sisters rose growing on the arbor blooms once.
Summer perennials in the front garden
Tulips, daffodils, peonies, lilies, poppies, roses, hibiscus and sedum are a few of the flowers in the front garden.
Brooder house roof caps at the Seven Sisters
Roof caps bought for a dollar at an auction are now "toad houses" in the garden.
Flowers on the patio brighten the pergola
Patio container under the pergola
Many tulips bring spring to the Seven Sisters in southern Minnesota
... many, many tulips and daffodils wake up the early spring garden.
Hibiscus and hyacinth hostas bloom in August
Hibiscus provide drama in the late summer garden.
Farm chair at the Seven Sisters in southern Minnesota.
White metal chairs wait for visitors...
Bride and groom pose under the arbor at the Seven Sisters B&B.
A beautiful outdoor backdrop for wedding photos.



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